2 Situations In Which A Personal Stylist's Service Could Be Helpful

16 December 2022
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Here are a couple of situations in which it could be helpful to get input from a personal stylist.

You have several black-tie events to go to in the coming months

If you have been invited to a few black-tie events that are due to take place in the coming months and you're not accustomed to dressing in very fancy clothing, you should consider consulting a personal stylist. This expert could make the process of planning your outfits for each of these events less overwhelming and also possibly help you to avoid blowing your clothing budget on outfits that are too casual for these types of high-end occasions.

They can help you to find suitably elegant, formal garments and accessories, that will not only flatter your skin tone, body type and hairstyle but that you'll also feel very comfortable in. The latter is essential, as whilst you might, for example, look amazing in a floor-length, sequin-encrusted gown, this might not be the right dress for any of your black-tie events if you have sensitive skin that would probably get irritated by the rough texture of the dress's sequins. An outfit-related issue like this could spoil what should be a special and very enjoyable occasion. This is the type of detail that a stylist who has done an evaluation of their client would notice immediately when dress shopping.

As such, if you want the outfits you wear to these occasions to feel as good as they look, and you would like to have an expert on hand to steer you away from unsuitable outfit choices for these important events, you should consider getting a personal stylist.

You want to make a big change to your personal style

If you'd like to make a big change to your personal style, you should not try to do this without a personal stylist's input. Doing this on your own could be confusing, as you might not know which type of garments, within the style you've chosen, look good together on your body. You might even revert back to your old style, out of sheer frustration. For example, if you used to have an edgy, all-black goth style and you now want to adopt an elegant, classic style, you might initially struggle to determine if the reason you feel uncomfortable in a cream-coloured tailored pencil skirt and matching blouse is due to this outfit not suiting your figure or hair colour, or because this outfit is so different to what you are used to wearing.

A personal stylist can offer you input when you're building your new wardrobe and give you their expert, objective opinion on whether certain items that you feel uncomfortable in actually look good on you or if you'd look and feel better in something else. Additionally, if you're used to only wearing certain colours, such as black and navy, but your new style will include a much bigger variety of colours, the personal stylist will also help you to navigate the process of determining which colours not only look best against your skin but also which of these colours pair well together.