2 Situations In Which A Personal Stylist’s Service Could Be Helpful

16 December 2022
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Here are a couple of situations in which it could be helpful to get input from a personal stylist. You have several black-tie events to go to in the coming months If you have been invited to a few black-tie events that are due to take place in the coming months and you're not accustomed to dressing in very fancy clothing, you should consider consulting a personal stylist. This expert could make the process of planning your outfits for each of these events less overwhelming and also possibly help you to avoid blowing your clothing budget on outfits that are too casual for these types of high-end occasions. Read More 

3 Benefits of Buying NFTs in the Beauty and Fashion Field

14 September 2022
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Understanding the investment world becomes more complex every day. The traditional options for investment included shares and assets like land, gold and others. However, the industry has undergone massive change, especially with the advent of blockchain technology. Non-fungible tokens are a product of blockchain technology and are bound to revolutionise how people view and invest in art. An NFT is unique, and you cannot exchange it with something else of similar value. Read More